Not convinced Tailsaver is the way to go? Here's some other people that think Tailsaver really is a great way to help you enjoy your time snowboarding.

The Tailsaver is a simple, affordable piece of protective equipment that every snowboarder should own. Even advanced snowboarders can benefit from having their tailbone protected during the occasional fall. As a side benefit, the Tailsaver also keeps your backside warm and dry, regardless of how much time you spend sitting in the snow.

- Christopher Del Sole, (Read The Full Review)

"It was extremely easy to put on and wear. Since it is a smaller product you hardly know that you are wearing it and unlike other products, nobody else knows you are wearing it either. It keeps your tailbone protected. I would rate this product 8 out of 10."

- (Read The Full Review)

"The Tailsaver definitely made my snowboard week more pleasant. It protected my tailbone enormously and helped me a lot."

- Sarah, Park City, USA.

"My first attempt at learning to snowboard lasted about 5 hours after the pain of repeatedly landing on my butt became unbearable! I couldn't walk for about a week and it took me another 4 years to conjure up the courage to give snowboarding another go. For my second attempt at snowboarding I was equipped with more determination than ever and the Tailsaver. The difference the Tailsaver made to my whole snowboarding experience was unbelievable. While there were still plenty of falls, the impact and pain on my butt was far less severe. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for the Tailsaver my second attempt at snowboarding probably would have ended like my first! But it didn’t, and now I can snowboard!"

- Gaby, Mt Buller, Australia.

“The tail saver was the vital piece of equipment that allowed me to endure my first weekend on a snowboard. All beginners, take a word from the wise, snow is hard and you will fall often, so save your butt with a Tailsaver. Thanks to my Tailsaver I had a fun and injury free weekend on my butt in the snow. I even managed to turn properly on the last day, I would have given up without my Tailsaver, thank you!”

- Julie, Falls Creek, Australia.


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