Essential Information For Retail/Rental Operators.

Your number one objective for growing your customer base should be: to ensure your 'first time snowboarding' customers  have fun, and that they return again to become long term snowboarders and long term customers.
If your shop sells or rents snowboards, a low cost Tailbone pad is a 'must have' item.  It's your responsibility to try and make sure that all of your customers, especially first timers, have the best day possible on the snow.

The Tailsaver allows you to maximise the number of return customers giving you the opportunity to turn first time snowboarders into regular customers. This should be your focus every time you deal with a first time snowboarder. There is an opportunity to have a significant impact on the growth of your store. One of the biggest factors holding back the growth of snowboarding is the failure of the industry to retain first time boarders.

Not long ago it was reported in Transworld Snowboard Business Magazine that only one in ten beginners went on to become regular snowboarders. Efforts have been made to improve this figure however it remains one of the biggest challenges in developing the overall snowboard market.

Running a shop means that sometimes you don't get to see what actually happens on snow when someone goes out to snowboard for the first time.  Some shop operators would be surprised to learn that the most common injuries in snowboarding are bruised butts and Tailbones.

These injuries have a huge influence on the number of people who decide not to continue with snowboarding. Those people are potential customers that you lost.

No doubt you have seen someone catch a heel edge and you have done it yourself so you know how hard the impact on your tailbone can be. With beginners, sometimes one heel edge slam can be enough to cause substantial pain and can end their day right there. These injuries are rarely reported, however they are by far the most common. People accept it as something that goes with learning to snowboard. To the detriment of the industry as a whole, it causes an enormous amount of people to leave snowboarding after only one try.

The best way for a shop to maximise the number of return customers is to get as many new snowboarders as possible to use a Tailsaver. This way they don't get the chance to get to a point where their butt is so sore that they can't continue.  As you increase the number of beginners using a Tailsaver you will see more people coming back happy at the end of the day, and better still, you will see them a second time when they come to rent a board again and that's exactly what you want.

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