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SALE! If you're in the USA, you're in luck. We had a mistake in the factory and a handful of size Small Tailsaver's were labeled as Extra Small. We're selling the mislabeled Small's for $15 plus shipping. Just select the Extra Small in the USA store and you'll save $4.99. Remember, they are the extact same size as a Small, just mislabeled as Extra Small.

For years now, Tailsaver has been creating a new direction in Tailbone protection. A focus on simplicity has created a new standard that's effective and comfortable, without the high price tag.

Flexible EVA 30 foam absorbs impact, while the streamlined design means you will barely even notice you are wearing protective gear. Whether it's for the park, rails, freeriding, or just learning to snowboard without the pain...

Tailsaver is the ultimate in Tailbone protection and the logical additon to your snowboard protective gear.